More on Language Models

LLMs represent many dramatic technical achievements in algorithms, machine learning, statistics, human-computer interaction (HCI), chip-design, and many other fields. They are impressive artifacts! Anyone who tells you LLMs are not impressive technical achievements is not looking carefully.


LLMs Are Like Cars

I encourage you to think of LLMs like you think about gas cars.

  • Like cars, LLMs can be extremely helpful. One day, it might even be necessary to use LLMs in your daily life.
  • Like cars, every time you use an LLM you make a small contribution toward environmental degradation.
  • As with fossil-fuel cars, large companies with profit motives are regularly misleading you about the impacts and harms of this technology.
  • Like cars, LLMs can get you where you’re going faster. But by going fast, you might miss out on important joy, learning, or experience.

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