Welcome to CSCI 0200: Math Foundations of Computer Science! In this course, we’ll learn to the fundamentals of mathematical reasoning about data structures and algorithms. We’ll learn how to address questions like:

  root((CSCI 0200))
    )**Module 1**(
          (Propositional logic)
            (Boolean algebra)
            (Circuit design)
            (Set Operations)
            (Logical quantifiers)
    )**Module 2**(
            (Equivalence Relations)
        (Proof Techniques)
    )**Module 3**(
            (Sum and product principles)
            (Permutations and combinations)
            (Combinatorial proofs)
        (Recurrence Relations)
            (Divide and combine)
    )**Module 4**(
            (Random variables)
            (Special graphs)
                (Trees )

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