These assignments are not themselves graded, but you will need to complete them in order to complete most other graded assignments. The due dates can be viewed as strong recommendations.

Software Installation
Hello, Github
Hello, Jekyll

Blog Posts

For blog posts, the listed date is the due date of the first submission. Second submissions, if required, will be due one week after receiving feedback on the first submission.

Remember that there are 7 total blog posts. An A in the course requires credit for 6 of them. Complete (Late) posts count for half, and you can also write the optional essay in place of one blog post.

Blog Post 0
Blog Post: Data Wrangling and Visualization
Blog Post: Web Scraping
Blog Post: Web Development
Blog Post: Spectral Clustering
Blog Post: Image Classification
Blog Post: Fake News Classification


Remember that you need to earn credit for all project components in order to earn a satisfactory grade in the course. The specifications for project activities are not too picky. If your situation doesn’t allow you to complete a project activity on time, please let me know and we’ll work it out an alternative way for you to earn credit.

Project Pitches
Comments on Pitches
Project Proposal